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Rainbows Are Free
Waves Ahead Of The Ocean - LP/CD

Waves Ahead of the Ocean is the follow up to RAF's 2010 breakout album Believers In Medicine. Their sophomore release heralds a unique interpretation of a bygone era of classic heaviness, setting them apart from contemporaries with whom they have shared the stage including Saint Vitus, High On Fire, The Sword, Pallbearer, Kylesa and Dead Meadow. Waves Ahead of the Ocean conjures up dark occult imagery and apocalyptic soundscapes that create an ominous portend of doom for all who listen.

"Waves finds the band as heavy as ever, only recharged with a sinful lust for rhythm and groove right up the Queens of the Stone Age or Mastodon's alley." - Joshua Boydston, Oklahoma Gazette February 12, 2014

CDs limited to 500, vinyl limited to 500 on black 180 gram vinyl, deluxe gatefold sleeve with stunning artwork by Tony Roberts. Download code included.

1. Speed God And The Rise Of The Motherfuckers From A Place Beyond Hell
2. The Botanist
3. Waves Ahead Of The Ocean
4. Sonic Demon
5. Cadillac
6. Snake Bitten By Love
7. Burn And Die
8. Comet

CD - $12 LP - $20 (domestic shipping included)

Format And Location

Rainbows Are Free
Believers In Medicine - LP

A dark mix of seventies British metal, drug use, and the modern occult, Rainbows Are Free have summoned forces that instantly bring to mind the heaviest music from contemporaries with whom they've shared the stage (The Black Angels, Dead Meadow, Black Mountain, Lions, The Sword, The Strange Boys) and recall their dark roots from being lifetime fans of classic stoner metal and glam rock (Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Queen).

CDs limited to 500. LPs are on smoked purple vinyl, limited to 500 and come with a high quality download code.

1. Slow Train
2. Freedumb
3. Come
4. Believers In Medicine
5. Last Supper
6. Are You Dead
7. J.C. vs Penicillin
8. Sinking Ship
9. The Battle Of Procreation


LP $15 (domestic shipping included)


Guestroom Records T Shirt

The famous Guestroom Records T shirt, now available for mailorder! Always printed on American Apparel, most of shirts are now printed on the super soft high quality 50/25/25 shirts for that great vintage feel. It will probably be your new favorite shirt. We order tons of random colors, so we never know what we have in stock, so your shirt color will be random. In the paypal notes you can request a color (or a color you don't want) and we will try to accommodate.

$15 (domestic shipping included)


Guestroom Records Sticker

Our ubiquitous bumper sticker, now available for mailorder at a low, low price. If you can make it into the store these are free and always will be. For a couple of free stickers send a self addressed stamped envelope to any of the stores and we'll take care of you. Or pay a buck on Paypal and we'll send you two.


Starlight Mints
Change Remains - LP

Starlight Mints deal in their own brand of mix-and-match musical wizardry, bewitching and magnificently mystifying in its own way, cobbled from its own corners of the rock-&-roll galaxy. And so it goes on their 2009 offering, their fourth overall, CHANGE REMAINS, as the band flits from pitch-perfect pop majesty on single-ready tracks like "Black Champagne" and "Paralyzed," to the LP's second half's TV on the Radio-style indie-disco-hop pure groove-rock fun.

Limited to 1000, 600 on white vinyl, 300 on teal, and 100 on rainbow splatter. The rainbow splatters are gone.

1. coffins 'r' us
2. natural
3. paralyzed
4. zoomba
5. black champagne
6. power bleed
7. gazeretti
8. sesame (untie the wrath)
9. snorkel with a turtle
10. 40 fingers

$12 (domestic shipping included)


Say So b/w Shreds - Cassette Single

Terminal garage noise wrapped in cellophane.

Limited to 50 hand numbered tapes.

SIDE A: Say So
SIDE B: Shreds



Hang Up - 7"

Shitty/Awesome formed in a cloud of dust left by The Coachwhips, Suicide,and The Cramps. This raucous quartet has been shocking local audiences for the last year playing alongside the Vivian Girls, Lovvers, Happy Birthday, Indian Jewelry, Nobunny, and Male Bonding.
“They sound like David Byrne being sodomized by Lux Interior.” - Guestroom Records Manager, Tom Goheen.

Limited to 300 hand numbered on maroon marbled vinyl. 150 pink covers, 150 blue.

1. Hang Up
2. Birthday Suit
3. Bear With Chainsaw Hands

$6 (domestic shipping included)



The Boom Bang
Bummer Camp EP - 7"

The Boom Bang are a suburban Oklahoma band that would be right at home living in Ty Segall or John Dwyer's bathroom closet. Riding a wave of recognition from blogs and other press, the energetic four piece will be heading out for regional tour dates shortly.
“These guys play absolutely head splitting, heavy guitar driven garage-punk songs with an extremely staggering sound...may actually make you cringe – kind of like when somebody scratches their nails against a chalk board – but not in a bad way.” -Styrofoamdrone.com

Limited to 300 hand numbered on maroon marbled vinyl.

1. Toyko Roll
2. We Skeletons
3. Run Way Away
4. Swamp City

$6 (domestic shipping included)


s/t LP

The boys of S/A wanted a band that would fill local basements and house parties with loud, sweaty, quivering masses interested in little more than dancing like maniacs and passing out in a backyard. Taking notes from garage rock and post-punk legends like Tyevk, The Cramps, and Suicide, Shitty/Awesome has extended the formula even further to create a noisy, hairy cacophony that they can proudly call their own. Metaphorically speaking, if garage rock is the champagne of bottled bands, then Shitty/Awesome is a bottle of model glue in the parking lot. Cover by Seattle artist & gentleman of leisure Derek Erdman.

Limited to 350 on black vinyl.

1. Say So
2. Birthday Suit
3. Personality
4. Avalanche
5. S/A
6. Thirsty & Wet
7. Hang Up
8. Popular Song
9. Rope
10. Bear With Chainsaw Hands
11. Shreds
12. Castaway
13. Moomookaboom

$15 (domestic shipping included)


Can't Get Past The Lips LP

GRR teams up with CQ Records! BRONCHO’s songs earn their credibility through singer/guitarist Ryan Lindsey’s punchy hooks, devil‐maycare attitude and blunt delivery. Ben King’s dirty surf‐meets‐concrete guitar riffs flesh out the band’s sound, while the thunderous bass of Johnathon Ford (Unwed Sailor, Native Lights) and the hard‐hitting beats of Nathan Price make up the driving rhythm section. Fearsome power pop crunch bubbles through, making one of our favorite records of the year.

Limited to 100 on pink vinyl, and 400 on black vinyl. The pink vinyl copies are sold out.

1. Pick A Fight
2. Insert Coin
3. Try Me Out Sometime
4. I Don't Really Want To Be Social
5. Record Store
6. Get Off My Reserrvations
7. Losers
8. Psychiatrist
9. Blown Fuse
10. Can't Get Past The Lips


Winter Boys
Daffodils 7"

Winter Boys are really an Oklahoma supergroup, featuring the talents of Jesse Tabish of Other Lives, Tyson Meade of Chainsaw Kittens and Derek Brown of The Flaming Lips and Crocodile. Put out exclusively for Record Store Day 2012, we have a few left over if you still need one!

 Limited to 700 on black vinyl, screenprinted sleeve, hand numbered with download code.

1. Daffodils
2. Winter Boys Cutting The Rug

$6 (domestic shipping included)


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